OneTouch® Sports Weekend

Designed in cooperation with Dr Ian Gallen and supported by Dr Alistair Lumb

Are you a keen runner or swimmer, love taking part in team sports or simply would like to enjoy an exercise class every week but struggle with managing your Type 1 diabetes whilst exercising? Being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes doesn’t mean you have to stop doing things you enjoy.

Effective diabetes management whilst exercising can be tricky, but not impossible. The aim of the OneTouch® Sports and Exercise Weekend is to provide you with advice and information from healthcare professionals specialised in this area. You will then have the opportunity to practice your learnings during practical workshops in a safe environment and to share your experiences with the other delegates.

To find out more about our Sports Weekends, read on.

What happens at the OneTouch Sports Weekend?

The OneTouch® Sports Weekend takes place at Loughborough University, home of sporting excellence. It is set up to bring together 50 people living with Type 1 diabetes and to share interest in sports with healthcare professionals, sports instructors and our patient advocates – the Animas Heroes.

The program is very interactive and consists of:

  • Presentations from healthcare professionals about diabetes, exercise and sports, improving performance and glucose control
  • Practical exercise workshops
  • Group workshops for open discussions with our Animas Heroes

Get advice from experts in the field

The program was developed in cooperation with Dr Ian Gallen and Dr Alistair Lumb. Both are healthcare professionals specialised in managing diabetes for sports and exercise and experts in this area. During the weekend you will have the opportunity to listen to presentations providing advice about managing diabetes whilst exercising, Sports & Nutrition and using insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring to perform during sports & exercise. Our healthcare professionals won’t be able to provide one-to-one advice but there will be a Q&A session to address questions you may have.

The practical exercise workshops will enable you to learn from professional sports instructors at Loughborough University – home to the Team GB prior to the London 2012 Olympics and Team Base for the Rugby World Cup 2015. All practical sessions are designed so you can work to a fitness level that fits best for you. The workshop environment will be instructor led and is not designed to be competitive. Healthcare professionals will be available to assist and guide.

Share your experiences with others living with Type 1 diabetes, get to know the OneTouch® team, as well as having the chance to ask the healthcare professionals any questions you may have!

“You can learn new skills in a safe environment. It’s safe because you are with your peers, so they aren’t really critical about what you are doing, its’ safe because you can talk about your experience openly and it’s a given that we are here to talk about it. And it’s safe because there is medical support around you.”

Dr. Ian Gallen, Consultant Physician & Endocrinologist

But don’t just take our word for it. Have a look and find out what happens during the OneTouch® Sports Weekend from previous delegates.

The next OneTouch® Sports Weekend will take place:

October 2018

Apply Now!

Participation is open to people with Type 1 diabetes resident in the UK/ROI aged 18 and over only. Available places will be allocated to newcomers on a first come, first served basis to ensure everyone gets a chance to experience the fun, active weekend.

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Apply Now!

Participation is open to people with Type 1 diabetes resident in the UK/ROI aged 18 and over only. There are 50 places available and will be allocated to newcomers on a first come, first served basis to ensure everyone gets a chance to experience the fun, active weekend. Tickets cost are £150 and this includes:

  • Participation in plenary and exercise workshops
  • Meals, unlimited tea/coffee, refreshments
  • Car parking
  • Accommodation
  • Unlimited use of leisure facilities

All attendees need to do is pack their insulin and gym kit, and they’ll be ready to enjoy a great weekend full of fun.

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Registration for the next Sports Weekend is now open.

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