Insulin Pump Safety Information.

The information made available by Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited, on this Website is not intended to be used or viewed as a substitute for consultation with a healthcare professional. The information provided on this site should not be used as the basis for diagnosis or therapy. Patients are advised to obtain professional advice and should always discuss their treatment plan with their healthcare team.


  • Animas® insulin pumps use only rapid-acting insulin. Any delay or interruption in insulin delivery may result in hyperglycemia (high blood glucose), which could lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).
  • Some studies have shown that intensive diabetes management has been associated with an increased incidence of hypoglycemia (low blood glucose). Because hypoglycemia can have serious consequences, work with your health care professional to determine proper blood glucose management
  • Only use rapid-acting insulin that has been prescribed by your physician, and do not modify your Animas® insulin pump or accessories.


  • Establish a plan with your healthcare professional for quickly responding to any signs of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.
  • Prepare and carry an “emergency kit” of supplies such as insulin, self-monitoring blood glucose test strips and meter(s), urine ketone test strips, and insulin syringes or pen as a back-up plan.
  • If you are going to have diagnostic or surgical procedures that expose you to X-ray, CT scan, MRI or any other type of radiation therapy, may need to remove your insulin pump and place it outside of the treatment area. For specific procedure information please refer to the instructions for use that accompanied your insulin pump. Consult your healthcare professional for direction in maintaining your blood glucose levels during these type of procedures.
  • Animas® insulin cartridges are intended for single use only. Reuse of the cartridge can negatively impact product performance and can potentially contribute to infection, under-delivery of insulin, and insulin contamination.

Important Product Information for Customers: Animas no longer selling pumps in United Kingdom and Ireland

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