Insulin Pump Therapy.

If you're starting insulin pump therapy, it can appear quite daunting. Whether you're moving from injections or switching pumps, there's a learning process. Your pump will be with you at all times. So, we've put together a range of resources to help you in your journey.

Silver Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump.
Silver Animas® Vibe® Insulin Pump.

What is an insulin pump?

An insulin pump is a device about the size of a mobile phone which - like your pancreas - automatically releases small amounts of rapid-acting insulin delivered through a thin plastic tube called an infusion set. Whether you’re moving from a injections or you are switching pumps, choosing an insulin pump is a major life decision. It will be with you at all times.

Insulin pumps have screens and buttons for programming the pump’s internal computer, and a precise motor that pushes insulin from the cartridge through tubing and an infusion set into your body. An infusion set delivers insulin just beneath the skin through a small flexible tube called a cannula. Tubing connects the cartridge to the infusion set. To meet the individual needs and preferences of pumpers, infusion sets come in variety of cannula and tubing lengths.

Insulin pumps vs injections.

Overall, pump therapy is a great alternative for managing your diabetes. In fact, the majority of people who change to an insulin pump don’t go back to injections.*

Pumps vs injections

Insulin Pump tips & advice.

Starting on insulin pump therapy is an exciting new step in learning how to manage your diabetes. We at Animas® are committed to helping you live life to the full with diabetes. We have a 24/7 support line (the number is on the back of your pump) with clinical advisors to answer your questions. Make sure you become familiar with the Owners Booklet of your insulin pump, as most of the “how-to’s” are covered there.

Pumping tips

Day-to-day life with an insulin pump.

After the initial period of getting used to your pump and adjusting your doses with your healthcare professional, which may take several weeks to months, you will find that being on a pump helps you maintain tighter control and give you more flexibility with managing your diabetes.

Day-to-day life with an insulin pump

Basal Insulin - Bolus Insulin

Your insulin pump delivers insulin in two ways. Basal insulin is the small amount of insulin delivered continually and automatically throughout the day and night. Bolus insulin is the extra insulin you deliver when you eat carbohydrates, or to correct high blood glucose levels. With input from your healthcare professional, you determine the amount of insulin needed, and programme these doses when you need them.

Basal & bolus insulin.

Important Product Information for Customers: Animas no longer selling pumps in United Kingdom and Ireland

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