Insulin pumps vs injections.

Almost everyone who starts taking insulin, starts with multiple daily injections.

Overall, pump therapy is a great alternative for managing your diabetes. In fact, the majority of people who change to an insulin pump don’t go back to injections.*

Top 5 benefits of moving to an insulin pump.

Why switch to a pump?

There are plenty of reasons. Here are our top 5.

Lower A1c levels

Studies show that people who use insulin pumps have lower A1c levels - a measure of blood sugar control over time - than those who take multiple daily injections.

Fewer hypoglycaemic episodes

Pumpers have been shown to experience fewer episodes of severe hypoglycemia than those who take injections, including during the night.

Fewer injections

Intensive therapy with multiple daily injections can add up to as many as 1,460 needle sticks a year. Meanwhile, insulin pumps require an infusion set change only about three times a week, or 156 insertions a year.

More flexibility

Insulin pumps like the Animas® Vibe® are designed to keep up with schedules that change from day to day.

Unlike multiple injections, the pump gives you the freedom to sleep in, decide when and if you want to eat, choose when and how long to exercise, and so on—no “clock watching” required.

Fine-tuned control, every day

All kinds of things can affect good control—from stress to illness to travel. Pumps help make things more manageable by enabling you to adjust your insulin at any time to meet these different challenges.

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