Insulin pump supplies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call
Animas® Customer Service
(Monday–Friday, 9:00–17:00)
UK: 0800 055 6606
Ireland: 1800 812 715

To purchase an insulin pump please speak to your diabetes healthcare team.

Our agreement with Dexcom in relation to the supply of CGM products has come to an end. As a result, Animas will no longer be able to provide Dexcom G4® CGM from 1st April 2018. Effective immediately, Animas will begin transferring Dexcom product enquiries and requests to Dexcom.

If you are currently purchasing the Dexcom CGM yourself, we would recommend you contact Dexcom where you will be able to set up a direct account for continued supply. Dexcom can be contacted on:

If your Dexcom supplies are currently paid for by your Hospital/NHS Trust, we have contacted them to advise of the transition of supply direct from Dexcom. If your hospital orders CGM on your behalf, we would suggest you contact your Diabetes Team for clarification on how you proceed with future orders. If you currently order direct from Animas, we would recommend you contact Dexcom for further information. Dexcom can be contacted on the above details.

Important Product Information for Customers: Animas no longer selling pumps in United Kingdom and Ireland

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