Type 1 diabetes and eating out.

How to enjoy dining out without ruining your meal plan.

Eating at a restaurant can be fun, but it can also ruin your meal plan, and play havoc with your blood glucose levels. It’s important to read the menu carefully and choose foods that are healthy when you incorporate restaurant foods into your plan. You may also be advised by your healthcare team to adjust your insulin for restaurant meals to keep your immediate post-meal (post prandial) blood sugar in target.

Outdoor BBQ on table with sausages, tomato, egg, drinks and cutlery.
Outdoor BBQ on table with sausages, tomato, egg, drinks and cutlery.

What's right for you.

Work with your healthcare team to find a meal plan that is right for you. This can help you identify safe limits for nutrients such as calories, carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Make smart menu choices.

Learn how to read the menu to look for healthy choices. Often, restaurants will have detailed nutritional information on hand, or on their website. Ask to see a menu while you are waiting for a table to allow extra time to read through the menu to plan your food choices. And remember, never skip a meal or go out hungry, as that can sabotage your best intentions.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when ordering food.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask how a dish is prepared
  2. Ask for your meat to be roasted, baked or grilled, without the addition of extra fat
  3. Ask for gravy, sauce or salad dressing “on the side” so you can use a limited amount
  4. Enquire about low-calorie options - most restaurants now show calorie information on the menu
  5. Move! After a meal, burn off some of those extra calories by taking a walk or doing the gardening.

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